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Watched Phantom last night with my boyfriend while working on campus. It reminded me why I loved Gerard Butler. Sure everyone drools over 300, but has everyone forgotten THE MAN CAN SING! Not to mention he played one of most iconic musical roles of all time?!??

AND can we please appreciate Patrick Wilson because he was there and he did amazing as well.

I feel like everyone forgets about this movie and all the amazing performers who are truly multi-talented.


Easy Masquerade / Lace Mask MakeUp Tutorial

People go to balls throughout the entire year not just halloween and fancy dress parties, so I decided not to wait until such time to upload it.
I’ve recreated this look on clients many many times. 
It’s ideal for those of you who don’t want to wear or carry a mask with you. And also if you can’t find one in your colour scheme, you can adjust the colours to suit! 

If you have any questions about this look, please inbox me on here. 
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